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Featured in Circle Track Magazine Quick Tech article.

It’s time to fuel your crate engine the right way. Until now, little has been done to address the perfect fuel to power these engines. Klotz Synthetic Lubricants has teamed with GM Engine builder Hendren Racing Engines to develop OxyCrate. OxyCrate is specifically designed for the 525, 602, 603 and 604 crate engines. The idea is “more power with less.” OxyCrate not only gives you more for less, but it exceeds the idea by pulling more power sooner and longer by almost 8 hp at 6,050 rpm.

Klotz OxyCrate has several advantages other than power.It has zero corrosive properties contained in other fuels, which can cause damage to the exhaust valve guides or cause fuel lines to crack. It has also been found to lower engine temperature simply by using a pure fuel and additive package. OxyCrate focuses on Klotz’s fuel additive line to give it the perfect combination.

There are three major Klotz-manufactured products utilized in OxyCrate in the right combination to give the fuel several properties. A newly developed oxygen power additive is one of the safest and most effective means of increasing horsepower in two- or four-stroke engines. The agent can provide OxyCrate 12 percent oxygen to the fuel mixture. The added oxygen improves combustion efficiency and allows more gasoline to burn completely.

Also added to the mixture is UpLon Fuel Lube, which provides upper cylinder and fuel pump lubrication. This protects the induction and fuel delivery systems from dry, abrasive properties. UpLon increases horsepower by reducing friction. Seal conditioners also maintain constant fuel pressure and help prevent lean-out conditions. UpLon can also blend with gasoline, E-85, methanol, alcohol and nitro-methane.

Finally, OxyCrate is based off Klotz’s race fuel, which uses the concept of specially formulated high-octane racing gasoline. This product is designed to meet the demands of today’s highly developed sophisticated racing engines. Extensive dyno and field tests indicate substantial increases in performance with improved throttle response. Klotz High Octane Racing Gasoline is designed to generate maximum horsepower using regular jetting.

The properties of OxyCrate fuel are what gives it the unique ability to serve all sealed engines. The motor octane is 105 rated with the research octane of 111, giving pump octane of 108. The initial boiling point is 102°F, to 90 percent at 226°F gives it the ability to atomize quickly, allowing for a better and faster flame rate.