For nearly 60 years, racers and performance enthusiasts around the world have relied on Klotz to grab the checkered flag. Developing products for the motorsports industry is our passion. The tradition of race-testing Klotz products continues to this day. In fact, by the time a Klotz product reaches your engine, its spent countless hours on the dyno and proven on the race track.

Mastering the Science of Synthetic Lubrication
® is our top priority. Our Pure Estorlin® Technology and TechniPlate® Lubricity Systems integrated bonding process makes this chemistry a complete synthetic lubricant.

We take pride in adapting to the constantly evolving needs of your sport; whether it
s automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, marine, kart and RC scale model markets-manufactured with integrity, providing the highest quality sport products to enhance your good times.

John C. Klotz
Founder and President

John Klotz started his racing career with one of the first
Go-Karts manufactured in Southern California by Go-Kart
Manufacturing Company in 1958. As a competitive racer, he
had a passion to go faster.
In racing, you get the bug and
you just try to win everything; that
s where it all began, said
John Klotz.

The need for a good lubrication is how the Special Formula
[original product name] full synthetic was created in 1959. The
Special Formula name was later changed and trademarked as
TechniPlate. I recall testing the TechniPlate formula in a local
insurance company
s parking lot. While I was there, city police
officers pulled in to watch me. I stopped to check the engine
by disassembling it to see how the parts looked. I was checking
it for wear, heat spots and fuel lubrication efficiency. As I was
working on the engine, the officers walked over to me and
we started to shoot the breeze. It was quite comical because I
thought they were sent there to have me removed!

"After testing, I tweaked the formula to create the stillstanding
Original TechniPlate formula. I used my formula on
Sunday afternoons at the go-kart track and would win every
race! I started beating everyone and they all wanted to know
my speed secret. I decided to start selling to a few fellow
racers and they ended up coming back for more, week after
week, so I thought to myself, this can pay for my racing.

s how Klotz Synthetic Lubricants began, from a desire
to win. John Klotz continued to sell his special formula and
became a local Indiana champion; he then went on to race
semi-pro in the USAC Series. He has raced alongside many legends such as Mario Andretti, Tiny Lund, AJ Foyt, Jim
Hurtubise, Parnelli Jones, Richard Petty and David Pearson
Pictured are John and his daughters left to right: Michelle, Patsy and Sherri.
Mastering the Science of Synthetic Lubrication® Since 1959
Proudly Made in the USA.
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